The Henson Gallery provides an opportunity for those who enjoy good quality art at affordable prices. You are welcome to visit and browse the many different styles of art on display.

The Gallery is constantly updated with original works of art, photography and sculpture from existing and upcoming artists. Our pricing is designed so that everyone can enjoy exciting art in the home or office. Images can be supplied framed or mounted.

I draw and paint and experiment with many different media selling many of my own works through the gallery. I also enjoy producing my own materials using traditional fomulae. Some recent works can be seen here

The gallery is named after my mother who was awarded a place at art school but chose to take a job to bring money into the family home, as many needed to, back in the early 20th century. It wasn’t until she was over 60 that she really began painting. She was mainly self-taught but had considerable talent and I wonder how different things might have been had she taken those first steps…

To see examples of what is available at the gallery see our WORKS FOR SALE page

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